Gawahi is a SATELLITE TELEVISION STATION, communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through visual media. It was founded by Pastor Sarfraz William in 2008.

Initially we began broadcasting locally in Karachi city to the population of 25 Million people.

On 24th November 2015 our office was attacked by radical terrorists and was turned to ashes. Everything which was built in years was destroyed, but God strengthened us to remain standing strong in Faith.

At that heart breaking moment, God spoke to Pastor Sarfraz and he took great steps of Faith by just hearing the Voice of God and not the world. In midst of great persecution and distress- Gawahi Television continued its operations in Karachi and outreaches all over in Pakistan.

In 2016, Gawahi started its broadcast on “PAK SAT” satellite in more than 30 countries including Pakistan, Arab and Middle East. Broadcast on PAK SAT was continued for a year and viewership was raised to millions and millions from many different countries.

In 2017, Television was moved to even bigger satellite, called “ASIA SAT 7” with the reach in 73 countries across the globe. This is where we are currently broadcasting.

Frequency details for Gawahi TV on ASIA SAT 7:



POLARITY: Horizontal